Why are businesses still failing to take advantage of mobile search?

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As Digital Marketing continues to grow, some businesses are still failing to take advantage of mobile search.

With Mobile search growing at such an intense rate in the past few years, it has been predicted by Google’s Ian Carrington that by 2014 it will overtake Desktop search.

According to Google, 40% of all mobile search has local content and with 55% of mobile conversions happening within an hour, there is a huge potential for local businesses to take advantage of this growing consumer behaviour .

We have already seen evidence to suggest that even though businesses are aware of the opportunity of Digital marketing, they still are failing to grasp exactly how the internet can save their business.

iPhone mobile searchThere are several benefits to optimising your websites for mobile search. Increasing your conversions and leads is one of the most obvious due tot the fact as we previously pointed out, a high percentage of mobile searches tend to be from local people seeking to find things around them and it is therefore far more focused and timely.

With this is mind, mobile searches need to be considered separately from desktop searches to account for the differences in the overall behaviour. It’s therefore vital for businesses to offer consumers a mobile friendly experience, because if they don’t, a competitor certainly will.

Beyond the obvious benefits of increasing conversions and acquiring new customers, mobile optimised websites have a positive impact on the visibility of your site in mobile searches.

By having an easy to use website with quality landing pages, it has a direct impact on the Quality Score which is assigned to each and every site by Google. This Quality Score will soon be taking into account mobile sites and will affect the overall search rankings for your website.

With Google using a number of signals to work out your sites Quality Score, it has indicated that the mobile optimised sites will become more important for working this out by assessing the quality of the landing pages.

To conclude this, higher Quality Scores typically lead to lower advertising costs and better ranking positions and in both long and short term, you could be penalised for not having an optimised mobile site for you business.


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