SEO Friendly Website Design & Development

Web design agencies produce stunning sites, but can lack the key elements & SEO structure to drive traffic to your website

The most critical error businesses make is not optimising their website in the initial design process. Save time and money and let us design and build your optimised site from the off.

It is all far too common where businesses concentrate on the visual impact of a site rather than its functionality for the end user and search engines such as Google. Even though most businesses are now aware of the importance of getting their sites found more than ever, they continue to make the same fatal mistake of not concentrating on SEO in the initial design process.

When you think of having a new website designed, chances are that you have visions of a state of the art site with interactive sliders, video headers, social media intergration and no doubt much much more. Now please for goodness sake do not think for one second that your site has to be static and boring to rank well, that is simply not true.

SEO friendly web design is key to your success online and when you are investing in something as big as your company’s website, would you not prefer to save time and money and build it correctly from the very beginning?

Why would we choose you to build our site?

Times have changed and so have digital marketing agencies.

Historically, web design agencies built visually stunning sites that were lacking all the key ingredients to making it rank well. SEO companies on the other hand, had extremely well ranking sites, but were generally ugly as sin. That is now no longer the case. We produce beautifully crafted websites that incorporate anything that you want visually, can be browsed in an instant anywhere in the world and most importantly are SEO friendly and as a result rank well.

We believe in Web Design that allows sites to be beautiful, easily navigated, yet being SEO efficient

Bespoke, beautiful and optimised just for you and your exact requirements

Hatfish Design & Media began life in 2009 as fundamentally a digital marketing agency dedicating itself to helping businesses succeed online, but within no time at all things soon changed. We had numerous clients coming to us with problematic websites built by other companies and as a result we found ourselves highly modifying several each month to get them up to speed. In some cases we had to completely rebuild sites for clients as essentially it was cheaper to start from scratch again rather than try to modify their existing ones.


As a result, we soon began to offer a complete web design service from start to finish for businesses looking either at having their first website built or for ones looking for a complete redesign. Instead of just building sites so they are only visually perfect to the eye, we have always take extra time to make sure that they all have the fundamental SEO practices built in to give them the best possible head start when going live.


Your website is quite possibly the most expensive advertising platform you will spend your cashflow on, so in today's day and age with mobile search already outperforming desktop search, the need to be found is critical to the success of your business. Therefore spending time and money on something that is not going to perform makes no sense at all. Therefore it's time you turned your eye to ourselves to propel you in the right direction, with a site that's not only as beautiful and functional as you want, but holds the key ingredients to make it the success you need.

Common SEO problems we regularly come across by Web Design Agencies

Building it properly will save you fortunes in the long run

  1. Poor or no onsite optimisation structurally
  2. No keyword research and understanding of the client's business
  3. Use of outdated and potentially harmful techniques prompting Google penalties
  4. Heavy sites that are slow loading with too many requests
  5. Ranking only for the brand or business name but not the targeted keywords or services provided

Have you already had your site rebuilt but you are concerned with it's optimisation?

Well there is one quick way to find out. Click below to get your instant and free SEO report with our SEO checker tool which will highlight your site's issues instantly.