SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is the art of creating content that not only ranks well with search engines like Google, but also appeals to your prospective customers, existing clients or its general readers and increases sales.

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Surely you've heard the phrase "content is king"? Well there's a reason for that. The content part of any website is extremely vital to it's success. After all people are conducting searches to find useful content that answers their questions. So suppose that the content on your website is lacking depth, quantity, is poor overall, or perhaps it reads really well but just lacks the right keyword density. Either way if you are suffering from any of these factors, then they are seriously going to affect your appearance in searches.

Essentially SEO copywriting is all about finding the fine balance that targets both short and long-tail keywords to drive traffic to your site, yet avoids keyword stuffing or over optimising. Now if you're aware of Google algorithms, you may very well be aware of the Panda updates. Specifically the Panda 4.1 update was designed to penalise sites that had thin content with little or no added value, which meant poor content sites were prevented from ranking in the search engine result pages (SERPS).

Successful website copy is the fine balance between Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and copywriting based upon the phrases people type into search engines like Google.

Why is SEO copywriting so important?

It's far from your traditional website copy

The ability to just write your websites content and naturally rank for all those services or products is somewhat of a far fetched ideology especially in today's digital era. How many websites have you stumbled upon that have almost identical yet reworded copy? Apart from the name of the business and design of the individual sites, they could all nearly be the same business right?   SEO copywriting is the ability to write engaging, informative copy that isn't hard to read or that feels repetitive due to keyword stuffing by the author. It's the fine balance of maintaining your target reader's focus, whilst producing content that ranks higher in the search engines like Google.

What will help my content rank higher?

There are several influencing factors which change ranking signals

There are several ranking signals that affect where you show up in the search engine result pages (SERPs), with one of the major ones being the quality of the content. SEO copywriting is far more than just inserting keywords or phrases into the content of your website. Google wants to see content that not only full answers your reader's queries, but also stands out from your competitors' content too. 


Anyone can write boring, informative content. But that content doesn't engage people in today's day and age. People want answers and they want them immediately. Have you got an existing page that is full of information but the bounce rate is through the roof? Chances are that page is crammed full of great information, but the way it is presented is somewhat behind times.

Surely traditional copywriting is good enough?

If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing properly.

Traditional copywriters are an extremely talented bunch don't get us wrong.  The main difference is that SEO copywriting not only contains the key phrases and synonyms people are typing into search engines like Google, but is it also written in a certain way to let them know what a page is all about. 


So it doesn't just simply boil down to the text on the page, it's all about the structure and the breaking down of that information too. So in one hand you're writing for Google but in the other, you're also writing for the readers too. Either way, both have to ultimately love it if you wish for your website to rank better and turn those clicks into paying customers.


If you’d like an example of good website copy, that’s filled with keywords but engaging, informative and readable - you’ve just read it.

How bad can my onsite content really be?

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