Local SEO Services

Local SEO is an essential component for every business and it is significantly more important than ever due to a huge increase in localised search for services on smart devices. 

Gain an edge on your local competitors with our specialist localised search know-how

Local SEO shares a lot of similarities to organic search but is actually very different with search results changing on a weekly if not daily basis. There are various ranking factors within local search that all hold different weights and by making best use of these signals, we can make the most of your local SEO campaigns.

Localised search has grown significantly in the last few years due to the rise of the smartphone, which has also coincided with better mobile coverage and browsing speeds. If you run a search now for let's say a petrol station, Google will provide you with the nearest results to your location on a map. You need to be on this map!

79% of mobile phone users use their device for local search to find businesses with over half of all these local searches ending with a purchase.

What type of business needs Local SEO?

Questionning whether your business need Localised SEO? Find the answer here.

Lets put this simply, any business that relies on some or all of it's business from local clients needs to consider Local SEO. Whether you're a local bakery, doctors, restaurant or solicitors, if you have a physical address where you expect customers to go to, then you needs to invest in Local SEO for that location. Similarly, if you have more than one location for the same business, all those individual locations must be addressed separately too.

Isn't Local SEO just the same as organic search?

Where some elements are the same, localised search has a few extra things to consider

Although a lot of the on-page factors for organic search (SEO) impacts the local SEO too, it still require a few key unique elements of it's own to be set up correctly. First things first and that is to create or claim your business on Google if you already haven't, as this is the first major step to increasing your local enquiries. We will then carry out a number of key factors that will send the appropriate signals to Google in order to get you showing on the map and increase your local appearances.

What are the most important signals to help boost my local SEO rankings?

It's all about the reviews. More specifically Google reviews.

In a nut shell there are a great number of signals that are going to get you on Google's local radar such as local citations which are right up there as one of the most important, but the number one factor is Google's very own reviews. So you've got your Google My Business page now what? You need reviews, not only plenty of them, but positive ones too. We have proven methods to help you assist your past and present clients to leave you reviews in a nonintrusive manor and help boost your local rankings.

Am I even showing up on Google maps? How bad is my local search appearance?

Well there is one quick way to find out. Click below to get your instant and free SEO report with our SEO checker tool which will highlight where your site is failing