Backlink Removal Service

Whether you're desperately trying to remove a vast amount of toxic links that's created a Google penalty on your website, or you simply just want to manage the ones you have, we're here to help.

We're here to eradicate or prevent Google Penalties by identifying and removing links that Google deems unnatural, so you can get your site back on track.

As you're probably aware, we offer a Google Penalty Recovery Service which covers a wide range of issues that can initiate Google Penalties and cause your websites rankings and traffic to crash and burn. However, if you like many others have spent years link building (shame on you!) and you know this is the downfall of your site, don't worry as we are here to help to recover your site.

For most it's a daunting task. Relax, we've got it covered. You're not the first person and you certainly wont be the last that has faced this problem. You'll be happy to know that pretty much every website can be fully recovered with our backlink removal service. That is unless you've somehow managed to get your website black listed by Google, in which case, move on! 

With our backlink removal service, you'll receive a full link audit and recovery program to fix your website's issues and get your rankings back up to scratch.

Where do we even start?

Whether you've got 10 unnatural or paid links, or 10,0000 - we're on it.

So this bundle of fun starts with a link audit. When we say link audit, we really mean a link hunt. This is where we get to hunt down and exterminate the toxic links that will then lead us to the road of recovery. Essentially we make a list of all of your links and then break down them down into two piles - high quality and toxic. We're used to dealing with this sort of thing, so we can spot most of them a mile off. However we do inspect every individual link thereafter that is not in our toxic link pile, as we don't simply just go deleting links willy nilly! This way we can ensure we save all the goodness passed from other sites to yours!

I heard there are Google guidelines to removing links?

You're in safe hands. We follow everything by the book.

After carrying out the link audit on your website, we will have our two piles as previously mentioned. Now the first correct step is contact the webmasters where the toxic links are placed and request removal. You may have heard about the Google Webmasters disavow tool, this is where you can submit a list of sites that have not responded, nor removed your link that you deem toxic.


However prior to use of this tool, several attempts must be made to contact the webmaster of the site where the toxic link is based. We send several emails as well as using any other commuinication methods such as social accounts, contact forms and phone numbers where possible. We make a note of every attempt we do make by documenting it and then if still to no avail, we will disavow these links.

How long before my website starts to recover?

Find and Delete Toxic Links  - Submit Reconsideration Request - Recover

After taking the appropriate actions to clean up your backlinks, we will have reached a stage where we have made enough of a conscious effort to remove the dead wood and this is when we will submit a reconsideration request to Google. At the point where we should start to see your site recovering.


Let's get one thing straight though, please do not expect an instant recovery as it can take some time. But let's make sure we all understand one thing, by doing absolutely nothing with your toxic backlinks isn't going to make things disappear either. Google's algorithms will continue to advance and every time that they do, your website will continue to slide off the search and maybe even end up blacklisted. 

How do I tell if my website has unnatural or paid links that's hindering my site?

Well there is one quick way to find out! Click below to get your instant and free SEO report with our SEO checker tool to find out where your website is failing.