The Importance Of Backlinks in SEO

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We still talk to Businesses who only build more Backlinks each month for their entire SEO campaign. Are they right and are we wrong?

An age old question we know, but there are still companies we speak to time and time again both nationally and internationally who all rave on about backlinks. Not only do they just build backlinks by the thousands each month, they do no onsite SEO whatsoever and feel that their success shows what works and what doesn’t.

Personally we find this a daunting fact. We are not disputing the fact Backlinks are good for your rankings, far from it. Search engines such as Google still take into consideration backlinks as a ranking factor and so they should if you have relavent content people all wish to link to.

The reality is though some people are still in the dark ages when it comes to SEO and the ways in order to get their website seen. The thing we find the most worrying is that there are still individuals taking advantage of these businesses by practising Black Hat SEO techniques on their sites.

Short term results will of course be what some will call amazing. But not for long. The next time Google releases another major algorithm, companies will see their sites plummet down the rankings or possibly even see them get banned indefinitely.

So back to the original question “The more backlinks the better?”. The initial answer is obviously yes, but if you were to define what type of backlinks they were the answer could quite easily be no too. Remember the old saying “Quality not quantity”, well the same applies to your backlinking strategy for your off site SEO too.

Gone are the days of reciprocal links and link farms as today it is all about factors such as PageRank, Relevancy and Link Juice. If a Pet food store’s website linked to a Carpet shop’s website, would that be classed as a high quality and relavent link? If only it were as simple as to Backlink from every site on the internet and then we would all be at the top right?

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