Google’s 2014 April Fools’ Day Jokes

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Google are at it again this year with another series of April Fools’ Day Jokes including Google Maps Pokemon Challenge, The Magic Hand and more.

Google are at at in again in 2014 with another series of April Fools’ Day jokes. With their teams across the world, they have come up with a series of hoaxes that some would love to believe to be true, including their biggest one of all, the Google Maps Pokémon Challenge.

Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

Google have released their new prank recruitment video by apparently looking to recruit the world’s best Pokémon Master. They have updated Google Maps allowing users to find and catch Pokémons using their iOS or Android devices. To simply get started download the free app today, tap the search option and then press the start button next to the blue Pokéball icon. Every Pokémon you catch is added to your Pokédex and there are 150 in total to catch world wide, so you best get started now as you only have until April 2 at 2am PT to catch them all!

Google Japan: Magic Hand

Google Japan also came up with the innovative input method for smartphones and tablets with the magic hand. Basically just a giant hand that operates  your device for you…. One may say the more obvious April Fools’ prank out of the two!

 Nest: Total Temperature Control

If you’re not already aware, Nest is one of Google’s latest acquisitions and therefore even they got involved on April Fools’ day too. Their prank was based with the more than well known Sir Richard Branson and boasted that every single passenger on a Virgin Jet can set their own temperature preference as they fly. Wouldn’t it be great? Unfortunately it’s not true at the minute but knowing Sir Richard, anything is possible!

Waze: Wazedates

Get ready to honk your horn at each other single people! Waze, like Nest are another one of Google’s acquisitions and has also rolled out an April Fool’s Day viral video too. We’re so glad that it was not a serious video especially when the first Wazedater says “I’ve always been a big fan of honking”. Funny but creepy if it were true!

Google Enterprise: Apps for Business Dogs

Got a dog that goes to work with you? Think he/she could be using their time more productively? Well thank the lord Google Enterprise has introduced Google Apps for business dogs then isn’t it?! Some of the features include Dmail with translation, Paw recognition and hangouts with bark enhancement.

Google Fiber: Introducing Coffee to the home

If only this were real! Google Fiber ( I know it’s fibre but they are an American company!) has announced Coffee direct to your home via Google Fiber’s coffee back bone. Simply choose your coffee using the Fiber App and then it’s delivered via the fiber spout within seconds, so you can then make sure your wired in every sense of the word.

We can assure you there will be several more and we shall continue to add them whilst we discover them including Google AdBirds, Google+ Photobombs and Google Gas to name just a few. 


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