Dealing With Negative Reviews

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Dealing With Negative Online Reviews


Unfortunately no business is perfect. No matter how hard we try, we all make mistakes sometimes and there is always a customer you will never be able to please. So you’ve found this article as you are looking for help, well luckily for you we have put this together with some tips to help you through this stressful ordeal!

First things first, you have to understand just how important online reviews are. Back in 2014, BrightLocal conducted a survey which revealed that 88% of consumers trusted online reviews to determine the quality of a local business as much as a personal recommendation.

Therefore there is absolutely no doubt that online reviews hold substantial weight, so you need to make sure that you handle any negativity correctly. Getting a negative review doesn’t automatically lead to loss of business so remain calm and we’ll talk you through it.


How To Prevent Negative Reviews

Nobody intentionally goes out to attract negative reviews, but by making sure that the customer service provided by yourself and your employees is up to scratch, it’s by far the best head start you could possibly have.

In the last couple of months we have been dealing with two absolutely fantastic companies who really are super focused on their customer services and even though they cannot do enough for all of their customers, they both landed themselves with a negative review online for no real reason at all.

It’s wrong isn’t it? But this is the way of today’s digital era and regardless of our love or hate for it, we need to deal with these clients accordingly. Be prepared to take your emotion out of the situation and grin and bear these challenging folk!


Don’t Be Scared To Reply To Negative Reviews

Start off by responding quickly, positively and personally to the review and by taking the appropriate steps to resolving the issue swiftly. Just remember the most important rule – don’t become emotional!

Start off by showing empathy and let them know you understand why they feel dissatisfied with your product or service. Even if you don’t agree (and chances are that you rightly wont!), you need to remember to appear approachable.

Remember that other potential clients and the rest of the world are looking on, so by not getting into a debate or slagging match, you can show them that you are clearly focused on your customer care.


Make Up For The Mistake Even If It Wasn’t Your Fault

This is the hardest part, the bitter pill to swallow as it were! By agreeing to compensate the customer whether it’s with a full refund, a gesture of a discount on another product or service, or even just a bottle of wine and some chocolates, you immediately help defuse the situation and instantly remove their cause to complain.

This will invariably prompt them to write a new positive review or amend their original one with a less aggravated tone and with an adjusted, higher star rating. Good will gestures go a long way and can turn the most unhappy of people into long term repeat customers and one of the strongest words of mouths you’ll ever have!


Make Sure People Know How You Intend To Improve Moving Forward

So you’ve calmed the client down and you’re moving forward positively. Now whether or not you were in the wrong, it’s now your job to explain to the customer in a reply to their original review, on how you intend to move forward and to prevent a situation like this happening again to them or anyone else for that matter.

With people scouring through reviews when deciding whether or not your company is the one for them, I can guarantee you that they are going to jump straight to any negative reviews you have to see what they are all about.

Now if they read the obnoxious initial review and you’ve replied to it collected and calmly whilst informed them on how you’ve changed your practices or methodologies to stop it happening in the future, it will almost immediate defuse any doubts they would of otherwise had.


Remember To Focus On The Positive Reviews Too

Don’t wait for reviews to come to you, go and get them yourselves! Simplistic customer care methods such as follow up calls (far more personal than a blatant generic email) make people happy because it shows them that you care.

If you’ve got a customer who is more than happy with your service, don’t be shy in asking them if they would mind leaving you some reviews and explain to them it helps other people understand your focus on customer care.

Simply ask them whilst they are there in the moment if they would mind if  you sent them some links to different review sites where your business is listed or by telling them verbally, that if they would be so kind as to leave a review of you when they get home.


Positives Drown Negatives

Just remember after all of the stress of dealing with testing customers, by moving forward and focusing on getting more positives reviews, other potential clients will be able to see the wood for the trees. The negatives that they will undoubtedly read (no matter how bad they are) will be greatly outweighed by all of the positives that surround it.

Moving Forward

If you have any more questions regarding dealing with negative reviews of your business online, do not hesitate to contact us immediately and we will help you deal with eradicating the negative content and drive your business forward positively.

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