£3.5bn of Christmas sales to involve smartphones

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With £3.5 Billion of Christmas sales this year to be researched or purchased via smartphones can you afford to miss out?

With every Tom, Dick & Harry having a smart phone or tablet device in today’s society, the £3.5bn of Christmas sales to involve smartphones is set to increase year on year. With 59% of the UK population using Google each month to find local businesses in their area to spend some of this money, can you afford to loose out?


Nobody wants to end up like Comet now do they?! Grab the opportunity and open your horizons by embracing all of the other Etailers currently getting the business you’re not during this busy festive season. By failing to ignore the importance of your business’ online presence during this busy period, the strain you are putting on your business really is not worth thinking about.

Here at Hatfish Design & Media we can help you and your business succeed as we are a specialist SEO services company based in Lincolnshire who can help get you in to the lime light just in time for the festive period and get you the extra sales you deserve or more importantly need. If you have an existing E-commerce site you would like us to work on or you are wanting to promote a service you offer, we can help in either instance.

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