Game of Thrones Corporate Design

Are you a Game of Thrones fan?

Here at Hatfish we are waiting with baited breath for the second episode of Game of Thrones season 3. To fill the void while we wait we discovered that shutterstock has been busy using some of their own images to create modern corporations for six of the houses from the show. This is not only a great example of corporate branding design but if you know the show and its main players you will see that the chosen industries are a good fit as well.

Its hard to imagine to Imagine Rob Stark as a winter outfitter, or Tyrion Lannister working on Wall Street, that is until you see the great job designer Mondayne has done with this idea.

So if you are counting down the days until the next episode airs, why not check these out. A fine example of corporate design by Mondayne and shutterstock

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