The importance of SEO in your Branding Strategy

From a company’s perspective, it can be difficult to understand why SEO and branding need to go hand in hand. Surely, I hear you say, branding comes first? How on earth can I work on SEO before I have a clear brand? Well, in actual fact, you should start thinking about SEO as soon as […]

Strategic Use of Infographics in SEO

Infographics Can Paint a Thousand Words…and draw traffic to your website Infographics and images don’t only look pretty and grab the attention of those accessing your site. They can also be used tactically for link building. More people learn visually than in any other way so infographics are fantastic for capturing people’s minds. They are […]

Reciprocal Links Now Discounted By Google

Yet another hot topic of discussion in SEO strategy is the value of reciprocal links. Are they good, or are they bad? However, the key question should really be “is the website that has the reciprocal links a good or bad website”? Does it have good content? Let’s look at why. So, what is a […]

The Importance Of Backlinks in SEO

We still talk to Businesses who only build more Backlinks each month for their entire SEO campaign. Are they right and are we wrong? An age old question we know, but there are still companies we speak to time and time again both nationally and internationally who all rave on about backlinks. Not only do […]