Agraforum UK

Agraforum UK is an innovative company that develops and produces natural products for use in agriculture, vegetable and fruit growing, specialised crops and sports turf.

For many years, the patented plant extract ComCat® has been successfully used in over 34 countries worldwide for a range of agricultural crops and for professional lawn care.

Agraforum UK holds the distribution rights for AgraForUm AG’s products in the UK.



Agraforum UK are a young company. They came to us requiring an brand identity. As a subsidiary of their parent group Agraforum UK requested a modern identity that reflected the parent groups core values. The logo we delivered reflects the parent groups original logo wile leaning toward a more modern approach.


Agraforum UK logo design

Logo – Designed by HatFish

Web Site

Agraforum UK needed a site to showcase their new product ComCat. The web site would also be a place to publish test results and allow visitors to engage. We delivered a user friendly sute that is easy to navigate. A simple menu guides the user around the site quickly to the relevant information.

A blog was installed to give the Agraforum UK staff a place to publish trial results and other useful information. Agraforum UK are the sole UK distributers of ComCat and therefore the best source of information on this revolutionary new product that has seen larger yields in harvests across the globe .


Agraforum Uk Website by Hatfish

Agraforum UK – About Us Page


One of the best forms of marketing is the simple business card. Agraforum requested some for this reason. We were able to produce a run of cards at a reasonable price with out sacrificing quality as we have great relationships with many local printers. We can cater for small runs between 50-250 or deliver runs of 250+


Agraforum UK business card design

Agraforum Business Card

Agraforum UK business card design

Agrafoum Business Card – Reverse

Agraforum Uk recently used us to produce a range of business stationary. They required a clean design that communicated essential contact information while remaining flexible enough to produce in house if needed.

Agraforum UK Stationary set - HatFish Design and Media

Agraforum UK – Stationary Set